Our land management team collects landwork from the field to review and create quality lease packages, make payments relating to leasing, and compile data in user-friendly and flexible platforms.

Leases are thoroughly reviewed in the context of supporting documentation for correctness and quality control. Our land team coordinates with the field team for corrections or compilation of documentation needed for a complete lease package.

Reviewed lease components include:

  • Personal particulars, dates, signatures, notaries and internal details of the lease, which are verified for consistency throughout the package.
  • Unique and non-form lease provisions, identified for reporting purposes.
  • Legal descriptions, reviewed with reference deeds for GIS mapping and on-the-ground location of minerals covered by the lease.
  • Mineral ownership reports, confirmed for accuracy and verified against counterpart lease reports.
  • Corporate entity formation documents, checked for understanding of signature blocks and signature authorization.
  • Title notes, inspected for awareness of title conveyances affecting minerals covered by the lease.

Payments: Our land team is equipped to efficiently make payments for full-service leasing prospects including: lease bonuses, rentals, extensions, and issuing IRS Form 1099s. All payments are requested and paid, per the needs and direction of the client, in detailed easy-to-follow spreadsheets, and available upon request.

Data Management: Lease and mineral ownership data gathered from the field and through the lease review process is maintained in an exclusive Microsoft Access database for your project, which allows for high flexibility on the end-user. Fully customizable reports can easily be generated from these databases to show the information most pertinent to your company.

Accessibility and Security: Data accessibility and security for our clients is extremely vital to us. Databases compiled in client-exclusive database format may be exported or accessible to the client via a personalized, password protected website. Digital files are maintained by our in-house team, allowing for easily accessible lease images. All customer files are secured by an exhaustive back up system. Lease packages may be provided via email, cloud server, or physical media for customer convenience.

"I wanted to let you know that our Land Administration group is very pleased with your lease packages. You guys are doing an excellent job.”

Eric Johnson
Apache Corporation

"Every time someone needs something and when documents were handled by RAS, I always say they do a GREAT job and keep GOOD Records. I can always depend on the RAS group for quick and accurate service to get my job done."

Pat Davis
BHP Billiton PetroHawk

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