Full Range of Mapping Services

Roger A. Soape, Inc. offers a full range of mapping services for both large and small projects. Our team is educated in Geographic Information Science, Geography and Cartography, and includes ESRI Certified GIS Analysts. We utilize ESRI ArcMap and Pitney Bowes MapInfo. All maps are custom designed for your specific mapping requirements. Whether you need just a bit of support for your GIS team, or a full mapping solution, we can help.

  • Field reports are quickly turned into information in your map files.

  • Standard Mapping includes custom designed layers.

  • Research and track: leases, well permits, well production records, active well search, seismic surface permits and competitor analysis.
  • Custom web maps to allow easy access to your data.

  • Maps & reports available via a client specific, password protected web page.

  • Web maps may be linked to lease/production paperwork.

  • Click here to view web map sample.
  • ESRI ArcMap 10.4.1 and Pitney Bowes MapInfo 15. All files can be downward compatible.

  • Maps are maintained and updated for long term use, or files may be prepared for your mapping convenience.

  • Maps are available as hard copies and/or .pdf versions of maps in a wide range of sizes.

  • Import & Export in a variety of formats, compatible with most mapping, CAD & geology software, including: file types: .dxf, .drg, .shp, .tab, and .kml for use with Google Earth.

  • Shapefiles are customized, created and available for your use in ArcMap, ArcExplorer and ArcReader.

  • We can create a few custom layers or a complete map. Map packages may also be created to support GIS team with your ArcMap or MapInfo License.


Free mapping viewers are available to fully utilize all of your mapping information.

Learn about and download FREE ArcGIS Explorer here.

Learn about and download FREE ArcReader here.

Learn about and download FREE Google Earth here.

"I just wanted to let you know and thank you for the wonderful job you are doing on our mapping. This is something I am not used to and it is very helpful being able to access all the information from your website. A big thanks to Roger and the rest of the mapping crew."

Bob Cain
Common Resources, LLC

Mr. Michael P. Moore, CPL, Vice President Land
Savannah Oil & Gas, LLC

Mr. Bob Cain
Common Resources, LLC

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