Roger A. Soape, Inc. and its associates have acquired thousands of oil and gas leases, options and permits.

Leasehold Take-offs: We have performed hundreds of leasehold take-offs to assist clients in evaluating potential prospective areas for acquiring oil and gas leases.

Lease Options and Seismic Options: Our firm has secured a great number of lease options, including seismic options covering hundreds of thousands of acres.

Seismic Permitting: We have performed a significant amount of 2D and 3D seismic permitting, including coordinating surface access and negotiation of surface damages associated with seismic shoots.

Leasing activities over hundreds of thousands of acres have included:

  • Townsite plays;
  • Trend buys;
  • Underground gas storage projects;
  • Leases from court-appointed receivers for absentee mineral owners;
  • Leases from guardians, trustees, executors and administrators; and
  • Leases from federal, state, county and municipal governments, universities and independent school districts.

Our personnel competently conduct detailed analyses, negotiation and drafting of all lease provisions and related agreements.

Soape is justifiably proud of the completeness and accuracy of its lease purchase reports and the supporting documentation furnished to clients. Often imitated by our competitors, the high quality of these report packages are seldom duplicated.

Our firm is very familiar with the records of the offices of most all regulatory governmental and quasi-governmental agencies insofar as such records relate to the acquisition, exploration, development and management of oil and gas properties.

Railroad Commission of Texas: Our personnel have prepared and participated in preparing many Railroad Commission of Texas forms, reports and applications, including those under Rules 5, 9 and 37, and contingency plans under Rule 36 for alerting the public following the accidental release of hydrogen sulfide. In addition, we are familiar with the Commission's well and production records and have prepared numerous reports for clients detailing well operations and production history.

Unit Designations and Developed Acreage Designations: Our firm has assisted many clients in preparing recordable documentation for pooled unit designations and developed/retained acreage designations. Our firm has also prepared and acquired for clients production sharing agreements and consent to pool agreements.

Easements and Rights-of-Way: Clients often request that we assist their surface and production personnel in obtaining the necessary documents for road and pipeline easements and rights-of-way.

Mineral Liens and Mechanics Liens: Our firm works closely with attorneys and their service provider clients to research and provide the required leasehold ownership and well information to file Mineral Liens and Mechanics Liens according to state statutes.

"Thank you again the excellent work ... I am looking forward to working with you on more of these in the future.”

James B Travis
Senior Staff Landman, Hunt Oil Company

“I don’t know what other projects Roger A. Soape, Inc. has been involved with in the past, but putting together 31.5K net acres in less than a year is pretty impressive to me”

Jon NyKamp
Tanos Exploration

"First let me commend Frank Robinson for a job well done. It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to work with a true land professional”

Ernest V. Bruchez, Attorney at Law
Bruchez, Goss, Thornton, Meronoff & Hawthorne, P.C.

"Please let (your landmen) all know that they did a great job with all of the landowners and tenants. The Surveyors, Drillers, and Recording Crew have said that the project has been one of the best that they have worked on."

Dan Durr
Durr Seismic Services

“The work that Roger A. Soape, Inc. has performed for Suemaur is the best work I have ever had turned in to me, bar none. I would highly recommend your services to any individual or company. Thanks again for your superior work.”

James T. Devlin
Suemaur Exploration & Production, LLC

“I am sure you will all join me in expressing my appreciation to Mr. Soape for the fine professional effort rendered by his staff in conducting the field acquisition of leases, the preparation of run sheets and the title curative on this large and extremely complicated Prospect.”

Dennis D. Ritter, Jr.
Samson Resources Company

“We have worked with a great many Landmen over the years, but have yet to ever work with individuals going the extra mile each and everyday working in the field with our Project Manager, Hazard Crew and Survey Crews to under and help insure the success of all parties involved. We would like to see this type of close coordination become an industry standard….”

P. J. Meyers
Geodetic Communications, Inc.

Mr. Stephen D. Brooks, CPL, Vice President
Yuma Energy, Inc.

Mr. Kevin B. Dice, Vice President
Wadi Petroleum, Inc.

Mr. Geoffrey H. Bracken, Partner
Gardere Wynne Sewell, LLP

Mr. Dale E. (Bud) Gholson, CPL, Landman
Davis Petroleum Corp.

Mr. Steve Himes, Division Land Adviser
EOG Resources, Inc.

Mr. Paul Pattillo, Vice President - Land
EnerVest, Ltd.

Mr. Steven D. O'Brien, Regional Land Manager
SM Energy

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